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March 21, 2016

What you focus on expands. Wherever your time, energy, finances, emotions go you are creating. If you focus on stress… guess what? It’s like sending a message to the universe, “hey, I like this, send me more.”


When you focus on joy the same is true, you are telling the world “I am happy, I love being happy, help me find more ways to create happiness”

Years ago I was feeling the pressure of an expanding family and am income that seemed small in proportion to the number of people it was providing for. Enter stress mode. Stress mode for me makes me turn to control. I began to believe that if somehow I could control our spending more, track where it was going that it would solve the problem of ┬ánot having enough. So I spent days writing a budget, fiddling with numbers, printing it to look just write and then I proudly displayed my masterpiece prominently onto the refrigerator as a constant reminder. (Looking back it wasn’t so much as a reminder of the budget as a sign telling me that I wasn’t good enough). The thought was that if I wrote down every purchase then I could see the incoming and outgoing. Fast forward two months… it was worse. Money was tighter, food was scarcer, happiness was nonexistent. What happened?

By placing that constant reminder on the fridge it was like a straight shot to the universe telling me to live in scarcity. That there isn’t enough. I had such a tight grip on the idea that there wasn’t enough, there would never be enough that the universe was just doing what I told it to do; “prove to me that there really isn’t enough for me.”

So, you know what I did. I ripped that paper down, expressed gratitude for all that I had learned and started a new. This time with a full expression of gratitude. Gratitude for the food in the pantry, the clothes in our closets and the beautiful home we lived in. I began to practice prayer before checking the bank account or going to the store. I started telling my husband how grateful I was that he worked so hard to provide for our family.

And our financial situation improved… and not only did the checkbook start to balance, but we were able to payboff debt and within months my husband received a promotion in the form of a new job.

When we focus on our blessings we are telling the world “I am grateful! Send me more.”

If you are interested in learning more about this and practicing it for yourself I recommend reading the short little book of experiments called “E Squared”.

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