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Listen to Your Body

November 12, 2014

Listen to your body. When negative energy doesn’t have an outlet it stores in the body and disease thrives on it. A great way to clear out negative energy is writing. Write your past, present, thoughts, feelings, memories…. give your body an outlet. Let the negative flow through you rather than taking up permanent residence

I few months ago I presented at a conference and was able to share with my students where in the body negative energy stores. In my practice I generally find this guide to be about 95% accurate.

Generally Speaking:

Head and Neck: This is our Inspiration center, where we are connected to our Higher Power. In your neck is where stubborness and inflexibility will show up. So if you are feeling tight in the neck, ask yourself, “What perspective am I not seeing?”

Shoulders: Carrying burdens that aren’t ours. Empaths often feel heavy in their shoulders and slouch. When I feel my shoulders heavy it is a good time for me to reflect and ask myself, “Are any of my worries not mine? How about emotions? How about goals?” sometimes we find ourselves carrying the burdens of others in an effort to lighten their load. In theory this sounds like it would work, but the truth is that they still carry their burdens and you are just carrying empty negative energy. To clear this, Tell Yourself, “I don’t know what to do with this… God (or Higher Source) please carry this away.”

Arms: Very much tied to shoulders and often tiesĀ  to experiencing life. Are we experiencing OUR life or are we experiencing it vicariously through another or are we experiencing it through a lens of beliefs and ‘shoulds’. For this one, ask yourself, “What part of life am I not fully present or enjoying?” and then listen for the answer.

Chest: From the bottom of your ribs to the bottom of your neck. LOVE… anything having to do with love, feeling unwanted, abandoned, a lack, unable to recognize love, inability to give or receive.

Abdomen: This is your ANGER center; bitterness, hate, unforgiveness, fear… and this can be your own as well as generational. Intestinal problems, kidney stones often find their roots in suppressed anger. A great remedy for this one is writing. Write your thoughts… just start and it will come to you. Then burn or dispose of the paper. Most times we don’t need to do anything with our anger other than validate the experiences and give it an outlet to leave our body.

Hips: These are where we point our direction in life and the support or lack of support in our path. Ask yourself, “Is the direction I am going one that is fulfilling, is it my true path? Are there any changes I want to make to point me in another direction? Am I supported? How do I feel supported or unsupported?” If you are feeling directionless or unsupported; connect to your higher power and you will be shown.

Knees: Very simply put- Perfectionism. If we are striving or feeling buried in should’s and should nots that energy very often shows up in our knees. Knees carry the weight of our body and yet are to be flexible and moveable with the waves of life. When faced with inflexibility and wanting to control outcome, or guilt for not doing enough, the energy very often finds a home in the knees. (our personal Pride can also manifest itself here)

Fingers and Toes: Details of life, often over thinking how things are going to work out. Not trusting the process.

Body/ Emotions MapA Wise Chiropractor once taught me that when pain is moving through our body and to different areas that low vibration (negative energy) is looking for a way out, and usually will find one. It’s when we have localized pain that doesn’t change is where the negative energy can breed disease.

If you are asking yourselves these questions and still feeling stuck in your lower vibrational energy, then call me. Come meet with me and together we can quickly identify the causes and raise you to a Higher Vibration. When you are living at a higher vibration you are healthier, happier and connected to Heaven and Earth.


2 Responses to “Listen to Your Body”

  1. Lisa says:

    Courtney…I love this! One thing though about our shoulders. What about the covenant to bear one another’s burdens?

  2. toppin says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I think finally after reading this I might be able to start to live and break these chains. Thank you

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