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My session with Courtney was on the phone because we lived two time zones away, and I remember thinking there was no way this was going to work. How could she sense my spirit and energy from a long distance? I wasn’t even sure if I was sold, yet, on the idea. But because of my research and some prayer, I had a big dose of hope and a sliver of faith. It turned out to be enough!She very gently tapped into fears and experiences I had forgotten I’d even had; her words spoke truth to my spirit and when the session was over, I was left feeling amazed at how light I felt! It was simply incredible! It was as if the sludge was cleaned out of my soul.

One session doesn’t heal all, of course, as real healing takes time, but I can honestly say that from one session, I was able to heal from things that have drastically improved my life! I was also impressed with her professionalism. She doesn’t speak about the sessions with other people and I trusted ours was confidential (it was).

I can highly recommend Courtney as an energy healer, as well as energy healing in general! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Cheryl, Kansas



A trusted friend told me about Courtney. At first I was reluctant to contact her, but I kept having a feeling that she could help me. During the first visit with Courtney, I learned that she has an amazing gift in energy healing. I benefited so much from her gift that my husband started going to Courtney as well. Her service has greatly benefited our whole family. I am grateful that I was led to her. I’ve been to several other people who also practice energy healing, but I didn’t have as many results. Courtney’s gift for healing sets her apart and even though we’ve now moved out of state, I haven’t been to anyone else. Thank you Courtney for blessing our family!
-Sally, California

After a very traumatic event I found myself in a state of constant distress. One visit with Courtney took it all away. I felt like myself again, and was able to embrace my situation and move on. Thanks for helping me receive the love of Jesus. I wasn’t able to do it on my own, and can’t imagine anyone else who could have helped me like you did.
-Michael, California


Courtney has a real gift of healing. She can see into a person’s life and personality in a way that is very helpful and never intrusive. She has revealed some things that weren’t readily apparent to me before our sessions together and that proved to be just what I needed to hear and work on, and releasing that which was causing me imbalances. I have unreservedly recommended Courtney to several friends, because I have great faith in her healing abilities and wonderful gift of love and warmth that are immediately felt. Courtney is a “jewel” in the healing world.

Dixie C.
California, USA
Courtney helped me set my bag of rocks down and not pick them up again. A bag of rocks that I had been carrying around for way too many years. A bag that I would sometimes put down, but then just add more problems and put the heavy pack back on. I knew that Christ had already paid for those sin heavy rocks, but I just kept picking them back up. But in working with Courtney I started to understand where the thoughts and traditions had come from. I started looking at my history in a different light and letting them carry their burdens and not carrying them around for them. I started to see my Savior in a different Light, and how all energy comes and goes back to him and that I could carry the energy of the Son, or I could carry the lesser energy.

ReNee M.
Kaysville, UT
I have had several Simply Healed sessions with Courtney Montierth over the past few weeks and have had a wonderful experience working with her. I have a background with using The Emotion Code and EFT, among a few other modalities and so energy work was not new to me, but this method was. Never having met her in person, I found Courtney to be warm and friendly and confident in her craft. She was very professional, explaining the process to me and making me feel comfortable right away. I felt like we covered so much ground in such little time — we addressed old experiences in a way that made me see them as learning opportunities (gifts to me, really), instead of the failures that I had always interpreted them to be. It freed me from the emotional pain so that I could learn the lessons from those experiences. She worked on several of my family members as well, including my two year old daughter who has special needs. This daughter was afraid to move forward in her physical progress (she only scoots around and crawls a little). After just a few minutes of working with her spirit, a few days later my daughter walked in her walker without help from anyone — something she hadn’t done before and I didn’t think we’d see for a few more months! Courtney shifted her energy from being afraid to feeling safe in her body, and it has made a noticeable difference.

Andi B.
Colorado, USA

Courtney is so gifted and intuitive. She has an amazing ability to see your situation visually, like in pictures, which helped me immediately identify what was happening and exactly how I could choose a different way of being to experience greater wholeness. I have worked with many energy healers over the past 10 years, and Courtney has been the most transformational for me. She gets right to the issue, clears it with no judgement, and leaves you feeling positive, hopeful and renewed. I highly recommend anyone looking for greater ease in their life to experience a session with Courtney.

Julie H.
Highland, UT

Courtney is amazing at energy work.  She has a talent of asking the right questions to help you know what you need help with.  She will add goodness to your life!  She was able to help my husband and me with some problems we had with success and thoughts toward money.  Within a month my husband was in a new job making a lot more money.  We are so thankful for the help she gave us.  She is a wonderful person.

Washington, UT

Courtney is amazing.  I can’t say enough good about her.  She has helped my husband and me tremendously.  She was able to ask the right questions and dig some of the deepest beliefs we had out of us.  I was so impressed with her.

Courtney is very intuitive and really cares about the overall well being of others. Anyone seeking to find balance in their relationships, resolving past experiences, habits, or false beliefs, would do well learning from her and using the tools she has available . Set yourself on the right path to health and wellness, only good things will come by applying what she has to offer.

Corey J.

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